Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Ayyan Ali Top 10 Female Models In PakistanBeauty gives us joy no matter how many times we glance at it. One of the examples of beauty are our fashion model. The beautiful ones are always admired, applauded and appreciated whenever they make their appearance on the ramp. Let’s began here by counting Top 10 most famous female models that add glamour to our national beauty.

1 Mahanoor Balooch:Mahanoor Balooch Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Speaking of beauty, it is absolutely impossible to ignore Mahanoor Baloch, the legend of magnificence. She is 50+ and still unbeatable by any beauty idol. Old but entirely Gold, Mahanoor baloch had set a stage of everlasting beauty. She is still rated as no.1 model and actress in Pakistan.

2. Sara Lorean/ Mona Lisa:Sara Lorean Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Speaking of Sara Loren, she is Pakistan’s and India’s top actress and model. She presents a glimpse of a fairytale princess with her radiant beauty and charm. Her popularity among both the countries is due to her astonishing beauty and glamour.

3. Mahira Khan:Mahira Khan Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Mahira Khan is an award winning actress, VJ, host and diva model. She has the ability to carry anything. Whether she is seen in traditional ‘dupatta’ or ‘western gown’, she looks equally stunning. Whether with makeup or without makeup, she looks perfect and this factor sets her a level up from any others.

4. Mehwish Hayat:Mehwish Hayat Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Popular singer, actress and model, Mehwish Hayat is declared to be one of the sexiest ‘Women of Asia’. She is been ranked with this title for a long time. She appeared in various top TV dramas like ‘mirat-ul-aroos’, ‘bin tere’ and ‘akhri khwahish’.

5. Saba Qamar:Saba Qamar Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

The popular TV actress, a diva model and a perfect host, Saba Qamar has everything to hit the chart of top beauties in Pakistan. She has flawless features, is tall and slender. She is a top model for top most brands in Pakistan.

6. Ayyan :Ayyan Ali 1 Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Blend of both western and eastern beauty, Ayyan has different features that gather everyone’s attention. She is said to be Pakistan’s Barbie doll because of her virtuous eyes and dazzling style. She is the top choice of every designer.

7. Ayesha Omer:Ayesha Omer Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

Ayesha Omer is also one of the top ranked models in Pakistan’s Fashion industry. She is also one of the renowned faces of Pakistani television. Her attraction to appeal gets her great ratings when she steps on the ramp.

8. Mehreen Raheel: Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

The model possesses a classical beauty. Besides not being tall enough, she is still ranked among the top models due to her flawless beauty and power to allure.

9. Syra Yousaf:Syra Yousaf Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

A great model, VJ and actress Syra Yousaf has something strange about her beauty. No one can defy her beauty after watching her. Syra is truly a charmer.

10. Iman Ali:Iman Ali Top 10 Female Models In Pakistan

The 33 year old model cum actress, Iman Ali is still young and elegant. She is rated among the top models. Fashion critics rate her as the top-most fashion diva of Pakistan. She has dazzled the ramp for almost every Pakistani and Indian designer and remained the icon lux girl for 3 years. She has also performed in Pakistan’s top class films like ‘bol’ and ‘khuda kay liya’.

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